Hush Harbor

The Hush Harbor Ministry mission is to share the message of Christ with all we come in contact with through what we do, say and play.

Aaron Crane - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Craig Embry - Keys, Guitars

Perry McDaniel - Bass, Vocals

David Charlton - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Scott Shireman - Drums and Percussion


 Hush Harbor started as a calling for drummer Scott Shireman in 2013. Starting with no other members or any experience playing "Christian" music, Scott set off on a quest to find men to join him in a music ministry. 

The name Hush Harbor comes from a term used during antebellum America, a hush harbor (or hush arbor, brush harbor or brush arbor) was a place where slaves would gather in secret to practice religious traditions. Slaves were forced to organize and conduct these meetings in secret because the idea of slaves assembling without supervision left the owners in fear. The meetings were held after dark, once field and house chores were completed, and carried on late into the night. Slaves would suffer severe punishments had they been caught in a hush harbor meeting.

This same practice is still in force with many people around the world. There are parts of the planet where people are beat and often killed for the practice of Christianity. We chose this name as a symbol of our mission and the gratitude we have to be able to so openly and boldly proclaim our faith in GOD.

Hush Harbor performs at a wide variety of events such as Festivals, Youth Conferences, Church Events and Private Shows. Hush Harbor has shared the stage with such acts as The Newsboys, Sidewalk Prophets, Unspoken, JJ Weeks, Carrollton, VERIDIA, Jason Gray, Ryan Stevenson, Stephen Moore, Ryan Lynton, Iron Bell, Rhett Walker Band and many more.